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My Top 10 Greek Beaches



It is definitely very hard to come up with a list of the top 10 Greek Beaches. The problem is … all are beautiful and unique and is not easy to nominate just one as no. 1! Therefore, the list is made following my own criteria. I love the sea. Even when I am far away from it continues to fascinate me and I am always drawn back to it. In order to let me in the arms of my beloved sea I am making sure that the beach I am going to is the way my heart desires, wild, not that easy to be reached, incredible blue waters, dramatic setting, fewer people around…So..let`s proceed…shall we!?!

1. Myrthos Beach- Kefalonia Island, Ionian Islands

Myrthos Beach, Kefalonia Island, Greece
Mythos Beach, Kefalonia Island, Greece

In Mytho’s case, it is quite a paradox. Although the beach is well-known, being the most photographed beach, the island itself still is not as touristic as Corfu or Zakynthos, despite its natural rough beauty. The beach can be found on the West Coast at 30 km from Argostoli the capital or 4 km from Sami. The road which goes along the shoreline offers a fantastic view over the entire coast. To enjoy the majestic appearance of Mythos Beach is better first to have a ride along the coastline and only after to descend on the beach. It is wild and still untamed being frequently under the winds attacks. Being on the west coast amazing sunsets can be seen. The blue color of the waters is truly spectacular that’s why Mythos Beach is one of my favorite.

2. Egremni Beach- Lefkada Island, Ionian Islands

Egremni Beach, Lefkada Island, Greece, by Konstantinos Vagionas
Egremni Beach, Lefkada Island, Greece, by Konstantinos Vagionas

The pride and joy of Lefkada IslandEgremni is by far one of the most beautiful beaches of the island. It is 2,5 km long and covered with small pebbles, bathed by the most incredible blue waters which are giving it the Caribbean look. Placed on the rugged west coast of Lefkada it can be reached by the car being 45 km from Lefkada Town the capital of the island.  From the car park, there are 347 steps to descend. It can be reached also by boat from Nidri. Being so hard to be reached, Egremni kept its wild nature. It is sided by the rugged white cliffs while being embraced by the sea`s blue waters. Offers stunning sunsets, that’s why it is definitely a place to be when in Lefkada.

3.Halikounas Beach- Corfu Island, Ionian Islands

Chalikouna (Halikounas), Corfu, Greece
Chalikouna (Halikounas), Corfu, Greece

Placed in the southwest, 30 km from Corfu Town,  Halikounas is one of the best beaches in Corfu. A strip of golden sand is separating Korission Lake from the sea. The sand dunes and shallow waters are perfect for spending the entire day embraced by the sea doing surfing and kite-surfing. Along with Korission Lake is part of a natural reservation home for over 120 avian species. Also being surrounded by the lush forest, gives the feeling of an exotic island. It is like being at the ocean but instead is only the Ionian Sea, which makes it perfect for a beach vacation.

4. Porto Katsiki- Lefkada Island, Ionian Islands

Porto Katsiki, Lefkada Island, Greece, by Dimitris Kintzios
Porto Katsiki, Lefkada Island, Greece, by Dimitris Kintzios

Back on Lefkada, not far from Egremni beach, there is another famous beach, which gained its well-deserved place in the top 10 best beaches, Porto Katsiki. Its dramatic and rugged aspect makes it unforgettable, a true gem for Lefkada west coast. It can be reached either by car or by boat from Nidri. Seeing its barred white cliffs one might wonder, what forces gave birth to such wonder. It is spectacular and although it is small and in-season time can be easily crowded, it is not to be missed.

5. Milos Beach- Lefkada Island, Ionic Islands

Milos Beach, Lefkada Island, Greece
Milos Beach, Lefkada Island, Greece

Also on Lefkada, Milos Beach adorns the west coast with its wild beauty. Although it is close to Agios Nikitas, a picturesque fishers village it can be reached either by boat from Agios Nikitas or by climbing the nearby hills. It offers a sense of peacefulness and connection with the sea. being bathed by the sunlight till late hours and although the sun can’t be seen falling in the arms of the sea, the sunset it is still a mirific show which must be seen at least once.  It is made of medium-size pebbles washed by sometimes quite strong but spectacular waves. The seawater becomes milky blue and foamy waves are sweeping the shores. It is wild and its particular beauty remained forever in my heart.

6. Lichnos Beach, Parga, Epirus, Greece

Lichnos Beach, Parga, Epirus, Greece
Lichnos Beach, Parga, Epirus, Greece

It was surprising for me to find such a beautiful beach without being on one of the Greek Islands but on the west coast of Greece. Again the west..well, I am chasing for the sunsets..this is my excuse…The entire coastline is spectacularly carved, having amazing beautiful beaches, Lichnos is just one of them. It is 3 km south of Parga, the nearest town. Can be reached by boat from Parga, by car, or even better by walking on the path which goes over the hills through olive orchards, my personal favorite. After a walk through the orchards, being on Lichnos beach is a pure blessing.

7. Logas Beach – Corfu Island, Ionic Islands

Logas Beach, Northwest Corfu, Greece
Logos Beach, Northwest Corfu, Greece

Logos Beach is 30 km from Corfu Town on the Northwest coast of the island. A narrow strip of sand guarded by imposing hills behind looking like it were cut by a giant saw. In my opinion, the best place to see the sunset, the best place to see and understand the wild nature of this island. It can be reached through some very steep stairs but once you are on the beach you might understand the true meaning of the intricate love story between the island and the sea.

8. Saint Paul`s Bay- Lindos, Rhodes Island

St. Paul`s Bay , Rhodes Island, Greece
St. Paul`s Bay, Rhodes Island, Greece

Saint Paul`s Bay is on the Southeast coast of Rodes Island. It is 5o km south of Rhodes Town in the vicinity of Lindos. Probably the most lovely and picturesque village in Rhodes IslandLindos conquered instantly my heart. It has pebble-paved narrow streets with whitewashed houses. Above the village on top of the hill, the Acropolis is dominating the entrance in Saint Paul`s Bay. The legend says that Saint Paul first landed here and started to preach Christianity. A small church was built the near hillside and it is a popular wedding location. No wonder more people are choosing this place to say their vows, the clear blue waters have sometimes emerald irisations and the entire bay looks heavenly. An evening in Saint Paul`s Bay it is best to end on one of the rooftop restaurants from Lindos, being under the Southern stars while looking at Acropolis ghostly shape up on the hill.

9. Agiofili Beach- Lefkada Island, Ionian Islands

Back to Lefkada again. This time in the South. Yes, I know, it is quite a surprise. I loved Agiofili precisely because of the feeling of seclusion I had while being there.  It is close to Vasiliki and 38 km from Lefkada Town. It can be reached from Vasiliki through a vast network of trekking paths. which I absolutely adored or by boat. I preferred the paths because it gave me the feeling of exploration being like it I was the first one to discover this beach. The waters are so clear, swimming there it is a pure delight.

10. Piso Krioneri Beach- Parga, Epirus, Greece

Piso Kryoneri Beach - Parga Greece by Christos Ntitoras
Piso Kryoneri Beach – Parga Greece by Christos Ntitoras

Last but not least, a small little pebble beach which is hidden behind St. Athanasios Hill protected by the bad weather not far from Parga center. I discovered it by accident behind Hotel Achilleas, A room with a sea view in the same hotel ensures you the VIP seat to some amazing sunsets and morning views. I loved going to the bar up on the rock near Piso Krioneri before sunset to drink my Ouzo and listen to Cafe del Mar music.

Here you are having only 10 of the most beautiful beaches I could come up with. In reality, there are many more. Each and every one of them offers some unique experiences. Words are cheap, that`s why I am telling you..go there, see for yourself and be marveled…Tags: Agiofilibeachbeach vacationbest beachesCorfuEgremni BeachepirusgreeceGreekGreek BeachesGreek IslandsHalikounas BeachKefalonia IslandKorission LakeLefkadalichnosLindosLogas BeachMilos BeachMyrthospargaPiso KioneriPorto KatsikiRhodes IslandSaint Paul`s Baywedding

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